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Code of Conduct

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Your use of any services, facilities or features provided on this domain signifies the unreserved agreement with the following conditions.

Failure to comply will result in the necessary action being taken by an Administrator or another such authoritative member of the domain.

Last modified at 14:00 BST on 31st May 2020.

Game Rules

A separate topic will be created in the future detailing the rules of conduct within the game itself which are not already covered here. Generally speaking, the game code will prevent abuse but there could be instances where it is either impossible or impractical and as such a rule may be applied. Where breached there would be disciplinary action.

Age Restrictions and Personally-Identifiable Information

As per the Laws of United Kingdom, all users of this domain must be at least 13 years-of-age and the creation of an account signifies that its holder is indeed old enough. While it is impractical to verify one's age, an account will be deleted should its user later declare that they are actually under-age.

In any case, it is hereby noted that the general content is likely to be suitable to persons no younger than 16 years, as fictional references of a war-like nature might be submitted.

The domain shall at no time request a user's real name, date of birth, National Security Number or financial details. If any such requests are directed at you or otherwise noticed, please immediately contact myself.

Account Restrictions

Accessing the game requires that you have an active forum session in place. Logging out of the forum will result in the game session being terminated.

There are no restrictions as to how many individual accounts a user may have, although a separate forum registration would be required per each.

However, only one account may be active at any given time - the concurrent use of multiple accounts (multiboxing) is considered as cheating and shall not be tolerated.


It is not permitted to use a client-side script which automatically undertakes player actions - the use of such scripts is considered as cheating and shall not be tolerated.

Encoding Content

Encoding content with the intention of concealing game-related information from prying eyes is, while perfectly understandable, not permitted.

Doing so will make it difficult to moderate and may, moreover, be in breach of the user's or viewer's relevant domestic laws.

The following offences, which includes conspiring to commit, will result in an instant IP ban

Any act which is proscribed by the Laws of United Kingdom.

Circumventing the security measures as taken to protect this domain and its users or any other deliberate act that would compromise such.

Directing traffic to or from the domain with the intention of causing a Denial of Service condition, regardless of the target.

Soliciting in the trading or trafficking of contraband, as applicable by the Laws of United Kingdom.

Exploiting a user of this domain by means of compromising their hardware or by means of fraud.

Suggesting or conspiring to commit threats of harm upon a person or their property.

Displaying, uploading or providing external links to pornographic material or malicious software.

Impersonating an authoritative member of the domain.

The following offences may result in a ban

Any act which is prohibited by the Laws of another State but not by United Kingdom, particularly where the user is located.

Any act which would warrant civil action being taken against the offender, as applicable by the Laws of United Kingdom.

Insulting an authoritative member of this domain or disregarding their direct orders.

Submitting content which is reasonably deemed as being capable of distressing non-consenting viewers.

Submitting copyrighted material or persistently advertising unrelated services.

Persistent use of foul or abusive language.

The following topics are either sensitive or controversial
  • Anarchy
  • Children
  • Copyright
  • Crime
  • Drugs
  • Policing/Politics
  • Pornography
  • Racialism
  • Religion
  • Sexuality
  • Warfare
Each of these have boundaries. Whilst the domain promotes the concept of being free to speak and to be educated and thus does not endeavour to censor its content, any such topics will be monitored closely with the necessary action being taken where deemed appropriate. This is to ensure that other users are not subjected to offensive content and also that the domain is not brought into disrepute. Anybody over-stepping the mark will be dealt with accordingly as required by an authoritative member.

The domain understands that references to fictional conflict within the scope of gamesmanship could potentially bring this policy into question. Users are therefore encouraged to maintain caution insomuch that the content which they submit is unlikely to be interpreted as malicious and that it does not cause genuine offence to other viewers. Please use common sense.

The following are common forum etiquettes

Do not insult another user of this domain. Even if it's a joke, it could hit a very sensitive spot within the victim.

Do not start topics that will inevitably cause an altercation. Debates are good, but fighting is not.

Do not hijack another's thread by taking it off-topic. Only continue the intended discussion, otherwise start your own thread for your relevant matter.

If you post a request for assistance with something, please be patient in awaiting a response. Do not bump your post because nobody has replied. If it is so urgent as to warrant an immediate response, message an Administrator or Moderator.

Given the day and age we live in, this list could go on forever. I do however expect that anybody who uses this domain will do so in a mature manner.

Thank you for reading and accepting these terms.
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