Welcome to Space Frontiers

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Welcome to Space Frontiers

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Available Modules

https://www.spacefrontiers.co.uk - Front page to the game
https://wiki.spacefrontiers.co.uk - Wiki site (currently empty)
https://chat.spacefrontiers.co.uk - IRC-style chat
https://help.spacefrontiers.co.uk - Help tickets


https://www.spacefrontiers.co.uk/files/ships.txt - Complete ship stats

User Management

The main profile for managing the user account for the game will be here, the forum. This means that you will be required to be logged-in here in order to access the game. (guest access currently enabled)

Help Service

If submitting a ticket, please ensure that you use your valid username and email address as registered here, otherwise it will be ignored if it cannot be found.


If you are experiencing a persistent access denied error for the game, delete your game cookie here and then restart the browser.

Multiplayer is hardly close, but anyway I haven't been able to find a decent app for managing guilds, so the best bet would be Discord.

The ship stats closely resemble those of the vanilla game. However, minor changes have been made for balance and variation purposes.

The speed of ships currently has no effect. It is intended that it will impact upon ability to dodge incoming fire and to flee battle.

The distance between stars is calculated from the centre of the sector and outwards. Until I figure out a better algorithm, it'll have to stay like that.

Travel between systems is instant for the time being. As there is too big a gap between the smallest and largest ships mass is not an option, so It will probably be linked to ship speed.

The commodity market is rather pointless at the moment. I will have a serious think about the prices and probably increase them significantly so that the profits are worthwhile.

While not the case at the moment, the stock market will reset each day. Depending upon the extent of player activity, the amount of default stock available may change over time.

Fuel is currently free. The reason for this is due to the foreseen inevitability that players may become stuck in a system with no fuel and thus no way out. Rather than being inundated with tickets, fuel may at this time may be acquired whether or not the current system has any or is inhabited. Making it free prevents people from repeatedly selling it at profit. It will, of course, still contribute to used cargo space. I hope that this will be fixed in due course.

In addition, local stocks of fuel are static, which prevents players from depleting supplies and thus causing the said problem even if it is fixed.

If you would care to donate to the cause, which would allow the domain to maintain and upgrade where appropriate, please do feel free to click here. Thanks!

Do note that under no circumstances will any items or services be given out to people donating, so please don't ask!
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